Rebecca Nhep's, CEO International Programs ACCI Relief, plenary session at World Without Orphans Conference held in Chiang Mai in February 2016.

A snapshot of the Kinnected Program and why it exists.

The story of Samang, a young boy who was living in residential care but is now thriving in community with his foster family.

This mother tells the story of how she almost had to give up her children but with support they were able to stay together.

FreeToBe Kolkata

RAISE Sri Lanka

Free To Be - Kolkata


A special documentary episode of To the Contrary explores the trend away from orphanages and towards family reunification referencing the Kinnected Program.

FreeToBe Kolkata.

Sri Lanka: Lakshan's Story.

Kinnected Profile: Interview with Ou.

Foster Care in Cambodia- Children in Families

Kinnected Interviews Joney and Mawia

Kinnected Interviews with Ps MyintNwe in Myanmar